Wet and cold

The week was wet and cold so there was very little growth, except weeds that is.  In the cold frame the slugs had had a good go at the cabbages but hopefully they will survive.  I sowed in the cold frame savoy cabbage.  The cauliflower which was sown on 6 April has germinated well.  The slugs look as if they have tried to eat the beans planted last week in the cold frame

I sowed in to Plot 7 both lettuce lolla rossa under where the beans are going to be planted and a salad bowl mixture.

Despite the weather the spinnach and the little gems have germinated in plot 10.  This was sown on 6 April.

There is no sign of the spring onions sowed on 24 March  so have re sown into plot 4.  I sowed the same variety which is white lisbon.

There is still no sign of the beetroot which was sowed on 30 March in plot 6

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