Dry weekend

The weekend was mainly dry but a bad frost on Saturday took its toll. I was lucky as I had covered my potatoes but the asparagus suffered.

The following was sowed
Additional spinich in plot 10 where the last lot had failed
More red cabbage, cabbage and savoy cabbage in the cold frame
I extended the row of little gems in plot 10
Another row of raddish which was sown in plot 7
The beans were sown in the cold frame with plastic bottles over each pot
I sowed some more beetroot where the previous sowing had failed in plot 6
I sowed the french and dwarf beans under plastic bottles in plot 7
The spring onions in plot 4 have again failed so I have sown some more
More lettuce was sown in plot 7

I have moved the cold frame to the back of the plot and did some more weeding around the red currents.

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