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Plot plan 2013

Plot 1Black currents Red currents Plot 2LeeksPlot 3Brasicca’sPlot 4Brasicca’sPlot 5LeeksPlot 12Aspararagus StrawberriesPlot 13Straw-berriesPlot 14BeansPlot 0OnionsPlot 6Onions GarlickPlot 7PotatoesPlot 8Sun flowers RhuarbarbPlot 9Compost MarrigoldsPlot 10PotatoesPlot 15CucumberPlot 11Peas LettucePlot 17RasberriesPlot 16LettuceShallotsPlot 18Rasberries P&E Visual Editor . . . → Read More: Plot plan 2013 [...] → Continue Reading Plot plan 2013

Hot weekend

The weekend was really hot fdollowing on from a hot week. Last week I planted the leeks in plot 3 and 13 and I have lost about 20 plants which is about the number that I have left in the cold frame. I will plant these next week.

I have re sowed the french . . . → Read More: Hot weekend [...] → Continue Reading Hot weekend

Dry weekend

The weekend was mainly dry but a bad frost on Saturday took its toll. I was lucky as I had covered my potatoes but the asparagus suffered.

The following was sowed Additional spinich in plot 10 where the last lot had failed More red cabbage, cabbage and savoy cabbage in the cold frame I extended . . . → Read More: Dry weekend [...] → Continue Reading Dry weekend

Wet and cold

The week was wet and cold so there was very little growth, except weeds that is. In the cold frame the slugs had had a good go at the cabbages but hopefully they will survive. I sowed in the cold frame savoy cabbage. The cauliflower which was sown on 6 April has germinated well. The . . . → Read More: Wet and cold [...] → Continue Reading Wet and cold

Weather gets colder

The weather turned quite cold during the week and in fact we had snow on the Tuesday night with a frost on Thursday morning of -1c.

Yesterday I sowed the following into Plot 10

spinich Scenic F1 Rocket Little gem

There were some failures to germinate in the cold frame so I re sowed 5 . . . → Read More: Weather gets colder [...] → Continue Reading Weather gets colder

Day off on Friday

I had a day off on holiday on Friday. Planted radish Cherry Belle in plot 6 as well as beetroot Bolthardy also in plot 6.

The peas have germinated as well as all the seeds in the cold frame. The weather has been quite hot.

On Saturday I put edging around two of the plots . . . → Read More: Day off on Friday [...] → Continue Reading Day off on Friday

Planting steps up

Yesterday was a busy day. I planted the seed potatoes. 32 in plot 14 and 20 in plot 2. This year I have planted a little further apart at 40cm X 60cm between the rows.

The elephant garlic is doing very well but the other garlic has not grown so I dug this small part . . . → Read More: Planting steps up [...] → Continue Reading Planting steps up

Busy weekend


It was again a busy period on the allotment. Plot 13 was dug over in preparation for the Leeks. Still need to do plot 3. I finished moving the contents of the end compost bin into the centre one after bagging 6 bags for the tomatoes at home. On the Saturday I . . . → Read More: Busy weekend [...] → Continue Reading Busy weekend

Preperation for new season

It was a very busy day on the allotment at the weekend.  The weather was really good.  I planted the onions Red Baron and Hurcles F1 in plot 4 .  I also dug over plot 7 which is being prepared for Beans this year .  I also finished replanting the early rasberries after removing . . . → Read More: Preperation for new season [...] → Continue Reading Preperation for new season

Shallots are planted

I received a number of shallot plants from Georges old plot that I have planted in plot 4.

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