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I have not been updating the site for this years planting so hopefully I will get this all done today.

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Little Jems

The first sowing of little gems on 26 Mach and again on 16 Apil was not sucessful with only two plants gowing. The subsquent sowing on 3 July was more sucessful as was the sowing on 4 August. All were in plot 4. I think one of the issues was that I sowed into quite . . . → Read More: Little Jems [...] → Continue Reading Little Jems


Runner beans were sowed on plot 2 on 8 |May. White Lady. Dwarf Beans (dwarf been Delinel) were sowed on the same day which were last years seeds. None of theseDelinel germinated so I sowed again on 5 July

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As with a lot of sowings this year the spinich did not start well.  In fact it did not grow at all this year.  It was sowed in plot 15 on 3 May and again on 3 July.  The first variety sowed were Medania the ones I had from last year.  The second lot . . . → Read More: Spinich [...] → Continue Reading Spinich


Rocket was sowed into Plot 15 0n 23 April.  It did not grow well.  A couple of plants did grow.

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Second planting of potatoes

I have planted three types of potatoes this year.  The mid and main crop were planted today in plot 6.  The varieties planted were Pentland Javelin and Cara.  The earlies were planted on 19 March

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Planting today

Today I sowed the beetroot on plot 3.  The same variety crimsom as last year.  I also planted out the cabbage that had been growing in the cold  frame into plot 10.  Yesterday I planted the broccoli in plot 10 as well that had also been in the cold frame

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We decided to add some colour to the site this year and planted some marigolds in plot 9 at the front.  They started a bit slow after the seeds were sown on 26 March and again on 3 April.  They did come right in the end and are still flowering in mid November.  The . . . → Read More: Marigolds [...] → Continue Reading Marigolds

Cold frame sowing

I today sowed leeks and broccoli in the cold frame.  Spring onions were sowed into plot 15

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Spring Onions

Spring onions were anoter crop planted in plot 15 that did not do well.  In fact only two plants grew.  They were sown on 20 March.  The variety was Apache (deep purple)

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